David & Lisa Baer

So grateful to have met you this year. You really helped our family and we will always appreciate that. We are settled in for a wonderful Christmas here in Frankfort. You can't imagine what a relief that is. Thank you Nancy for all of your never ending dedication and excellent service.

Teresa Grassini

Actually, I just "clicked" with Nancy. Ms. Cagwin was not "pushy" or opinionated but honest and simply nice to be around.

Charlotte Kirby

Nancy was very good at keeping us up to date on what to expect since it had been years since selling a home. I really appreciated that. She seemed honest and fair.

Rich & Kathy Roszak

Thank you so much for all the work and effort you put in to make today a reality. Best wishes for your continued success.

George & Anna Knoop

Just a note and token of appreciation for all your hard work and chasing around you did for us while we were selling our home. Thank you so much for all your efforts and time you put into it. Come and see us anytime.

Peju Akintorin

Nancy has worked tirelessly to help us find the home of our dreams. She has been a great communicator and very professional in this process! I appreciate her dedication and responsiveness! It has been a great pleasure working with her over the past few weeks. Thanks Nancy!

Clark Carroll

Nancy went way out her way to help me find a home on a time restraint. She was awesome! I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new home. She will work tirelessly ! Thanks Nancy !

James Hansen

Very fast reply to our original inquiries and great follow up. Would definitely recommend.

James and Cynthia Roszak

In an age where everyone writes to complain, but never writes to compliment, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to Nancy Cagwin, of your office. We hope you realize what a wonderful, dedicated and hard working person that your have in your office. A few months ago, on a whim, we started looking at houses in the area. We had been in the same house for the past 9 years. We came across a house on Cedar Road that had your office's sign on it and went to your office to inquire about it. That's where we met Nancy Cagwin. In our inquiry of the house on Cedar, we wanted to also buy the property in front of the house. That's when Nancy went to work for us. It didn't take long for Nancy to find out who the owner was and that they were not willing to sell their property. As time went on, Nancy kept our needs in mind and on a regular basis had new listings to show. We fell in love with a home in Chessington East and decided to make an offer and put our old home up for sale too. That's when Nancy started doing her magic. Offers back and forth to the builder, open houses at the old house, and getting an offer on our old house within a month, which we accepted. At this point, things could not have been going better. However, about two weeks later, everything started going to pieces, none of which was Nancy's fault. Our buyer's neighbor was to buy their property and that would have ended everything nicely. This is where our problems started. The buyer's real estate agent and the buyer and neighbor's lawyers and finance people were extremely unresponsive and difficult to work with. The buyer's real estate agent was also rude and deceitful to everyone involved with this mess, and as it turns out, was the catalyst of nearly all of the problems and miscommunications surrounding these transactions. This is where Nancy really earned our respect and trust. Nancy did everything in her power to continue to push everything through to the close. We spoke with her every day for several weeks, working with her when necessary to get the closing done. Nancy kept on top of all the buyers, sellers, attorneys, real estate agents to keep the flow going for everyone to close before out loan commitment expired. The efforts that Nancy put into this whole ordeal were way above and beyond the call of duty that you would expect from any type of sales person. She worked days, nights and weekends on this deal. I would guess that she spent 5 -10 times the hours that a typical real estate sale would take; and never once did she let up. I hope this letter is put in a prominent place in your office. Nancy's efforts in this transaction should be a model for how a real estate agent should act and work with customers. Nancy is to be commended for her extraordinary work and we would highly recommend her to anyone needing a real estate agent, or a very good friend. Nancy truly cares about her customers, and it shows!